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NGO Coalition for Structural Funds

In 2006, Resource Center for Public Participation started an organising effort among NGOs interested in transparency and accountability related to the management of the EU funds in Romania.

Starting 2007, the NGO Coalition for Structural Funds has facilitated national and regional debates regarding the EU funds management and has encouraged all stakeholders to participate actively in the process.

Our objectives are:

  • Real, measurable impact of EU funds
  • Including the CSOs in the planning, implementing and evaluation of EU funds
  • Transparency and accountability in the management of EU money
  • Less bureaucracy in the management of EU money in Romania

We focus our activities on Human Capital Operational Program and Administrative Capacity Operational Program, but we monitor also Technical Assistance, Regional Development, Rural Development, Environment and Large Infrastructure programs as well.

We bring expertise and local implementing experiences closer to the decision making process. We offer constructive feedback and solutions to authorities. However, when decision makers are opaque and inefficient, we advocate for change.

We have 39 members and we are members in 5 monitoring committees.